Monuments & Memorials in Dingwall

Below are a selection of the historic momuments and memorials you can see in and about Dingwall.

Macdonald Monument

This monument was erected in 1907.  It commemorates Major-General Sir Hector Macdonald  -  a crofter’s son from Mulbuie in the Black Isle, near Dingwall – who was knighted for his service in the 2nd Boer War.


Monuments to the Seaforth Highlanders

Dotted around Dinwall, these commemorate Seaforth Highlanders lost in many kinds of conflict.  They include a monument to the 4th Seaforth Highlanders of the First and Second World War, as well as monuments Sergeant Meikle V.C., and the Normandy Veterans.  In addition there is the 1899 monument to the memory of the Seaforths at Magersfontein, and a cross brought to Dingwall from Cambrai in 1924.


Cyril Allatt Memorial, Mitchell Hill

This hill – located above Tulloch Castle – boasts a memorial to Sub-Lieutenant Cyril Allatt, whose Sea Fury plane crashed here in 1955.


Thomas Simpson Plaque, Dingwall Museum

Thomas Simpson (1808-1840) was an arctic explorer, and the son of a Dingwall schoolmaster.  Simpson is renowned for unlocking the long sought after North East Shipping Passage through the arctic.


Colonel’s Grave

Henry Davison acquired the Tulloch Estate in 1762.  The 5th Davison, known simply as ‘The Colonel’, is one of the many clan members buried in the woods west of Tulloch Castle.


Memorials Guide

You might also like to download our memorials guide which has been prepared in partnership with Dingwall Historical Society.

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